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Climbing Data
The following is an incomplete record of the data we've kept about a small portion of our climbs.

2001 Splugen Pass from the Italy side, about 6000' gain in 1 day (with camping gear)

2003 Schnalstal NW of Bolzano, Italy
3050'/8 miles (13km) much of it 10-15% grade, unloaded
381'/mile or 715m/10km

March 2004 Galicia, Spain
2300'/12.5 miles (20km)

2006 Alps Climbing Analysis

Climbing Summary
About 6.0 m/min pedaling time for straight on 7-8+% grades, loaded, about 80.
Leisurely lunch is just under an hour.
Usually do 500m/90min including brief stops.
Bill starts getting altitude effects in mid 1700-1800m range, though variably.

Klausen Pass, Switzerland (between Altdorf & Linthal)  2006   6.0 m/min

On this day, we climbed 500m in the first 90 minutes (5.55 m/min). It was in the high 70's F (25C) when we headed out at 8:30 am from about 2000' and only cooled to about 68F (20C) in the middle afternoon at 6400'. It seemed that the typical grade was 7-8% and it would bounce up to  9-10% frequently. For the last 500 meters, we were climbing at almost the same rate as in the morning, which was terrific. Bill started feeling ill from the altitude at about 1800m (5900'), though felt some of his symptoms were from the cold/cough he was just recovering from and the medications he was still taking. Once we started descending, he felt fully recovered at 1880m.

    pedaling:                                        4 hrs (240 min)
    elapsed for climbing:                       7 1/4 hrs
    average speed (inc some descent):  5.8 km/hr (3.6 mile/hr)

    non-riding time:
        30 min for grocery shopping
        30 min for rest 100m (elevation) before cresting
        1+ hr lunch
        lots of brief rest & photo stops and 6-8 construction zone stops
    km to top:      24 (14.9 miles)
    total gain:       1435m (4708')
    m/10 km:        600m/10km
    descents:        110 m (361')
    summit:           1952 m (6404') 

Splgen Pass from Splgen town to the top 2006    (6.1m/min)

    pedaling                                          1:45 hrs  (105 min)
    elapsed for climbing                         2.25 hrs
        (no lunch break)  
   average speed (only 10m descent)    5.2 km/hr
    max speed                                        10.8 km/hr
    to top            9 km
    total gain        640 m (6.1m/min)
    m /10 km:       710 m gain/ 10 km ridden
    descent            10 m
    summit        2080 m

Steep grades, lots of sustained 7-8% often to 10% . It was only uncomfortably warm for the first half hour.
Bill started feeling short breath around 1700 m and more altitude effects around 1780 m with slight headache.
Got relief at 1980m on way down.

Aprica Pass, last 470 m of about 1100m Italy 2006   ( 5.9 m/min)

    pedaling                                          1.20 hrs  (80 min)
    elapsed for climbing                         ? hrs
        (no lunch break)  
   average speed (only m descent)         5.7 km/hr
    max speed                                      14.8 km/hr
    to top            7.6 km
    total gain        470 m (5.9 m/min)
    m/ 10km        618 m gain/ 10 km ridden
    descent            ? m
    summit         1135m

Hot and humid, in the low 80's; steep grades, lots of sustained 7-8% often to 10% .

Road to Ponte di Legno - no pass (4.78 m/min) 2006

This was for comparison purposes on road with lower grades, usually 4% or under but little descent. Some drizzle, some pedaling when it was too warm, then cooler and a brisk tailwind. Surprisingly, the rate of gain was slower than on the steep roads even though our average speed approached being double.

    pedaling                                          1.56 hrs  (116 min)
    elapsed for climbing                         3  hrs
        lunch break                                  53 min
   average speed (only 10 m descent)    9.5 km/hr
    max speed                                      30.3 km/hr
    to top            18.44 km
    total gain        555 m (4.78 m/min)
    descent            10 m
    summit           1235 m

Tonale Pass 5.8 m/min 2006

Hot and humid the first half, in the low 80's; steep grades, lots of sustained 7-8% often to 10% .
Bill didn't feel any ill effects with the altitude though could feel a lift after drinking a sweet drink.
Did about 500m in 90+ min.

    pedaling                                           1:42 (102 min)
   elapsed for climbing                           1:50 hrs
   average speed                                   6.6 km/hr
    max speed                                        16.8 km/hr
    to top             11.4 km
    total gain         595 m (5.8 m/min)
    descent           0 m
    summit            1830 m

Madonna di Campiglio  5.7 m/min 2006

Hot and humid the first half, in the low 80's; steep grades, lots of sustained 7-8% often to 10% .

   pedaling                                              2:29 ( min)
   elapsed for climbing                            3:50 hrs/min
   average speed                                    6.4 km/hr
    max speed                                         22.3 km/hr
    lunch                                                 51 min
    to top              16.0 km
    total gain          855 (5.7  m/min)
    descent            25 m
    summit             1670 m

2006 Europe Averages
100m gain / 10km = 2006 Europe overall average
200 m gain / 100 km = month in Dolomites average
600-700m / 10 km = up the big passes in Switzerland
(715m/10km = Schnalstal in 2003)

Nov 2006 - Feb 2007 New Zealand
monthly average = 100m gain / 10km (= 2006 Europe overall average)
100m gain/ 10km ridden was sustainable on 100km days (tho tiring)
easy days in NZ = 50 m gain/ 10km ridden
hard climb (Franz Josef glacier to Fox glacier) =300+ m / 10 km could have been 450 m /10km

Sicily Spring 2008
1st 13 days (10 riding days): 7630m (25,000') 367km (228 miles) = 208/10km

July 8, 2008 Col du Tourmalet in Pynenees
1140m/13 km or 3740'/8 miles
7,000' gain in 2 days 2 Col d'Aspin


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