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Small Print Problem

Since switching to Microsoft Expressions software for our webpage, we've received several reports of print being so small as to essentially be unreadable when creating a hardcopy of a journal file. The following solution was recommended by one of our readers and should allow you to bypass the problem.

 Try printing this way:

1.       Bring up what you want to print in your web browser.

2.       Select the entire document.  You can often do this by right clicking the mouse when the curser is over the document and choosing “select all” form the menu that appears.

3.       Copy the selection.

4.       Start up your word processor (Microsoft Word if you’ve got it).

5.       Paste your previous selection into a new word processing document.

6.       Adjust the font size as you need to print legibly.  It likely won’t need to be adjusted at all.

7.       Print the document from your word processor (Word if you have it).

8.       If you use a word processor other than Word it should work the same way, although I haven’t tested it.

Please let us know if this works for you or not or if it causes other problems.  Also let us know if the instructions could be more clear. Bill was able to recreate the problem on our system and the above worked as a fix but everyone has a different combination of software and hardware.



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